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 The frame or lack of frame when watching the Samsung UN55D8000 is simply amazing. This is the next phase in the evolution of tv screens which first went to flatten the Tv from rear projection and tub televisions to now reducing the watching frame to almost nothing.

      This is one of the fundamental reasons to buy a Samsung UN55D8000 as increasing numbers of Tvs are set into the living room as furniture and not longer being hidden away as hidious boxes.
Individuals will certainly buy samsung UN55D8000 just on looks alone but I wanted to ensure you got the most details you can before spending money. Many traditional stores will not dive into specifics like this not to mention have multiple view points from real shoppers. If you are looking to buy samsung UN55D8000 do it from the internet where its actually budget friendly with cost free shipping and tax to most.
     The colours and dark levels are amazing. The 3D effects are so cool and yes this is my 1st 3D TV, I've watched 3D in movie theaters but it's so much better being at home. Buy Samsung UN55D8000 Because of Internet App Ready. (More)

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