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panasonic tv

     Panasonic wants you to step into the 3D World with their TC-P50GT30 Viera 50 3D Plasma HDTV. But 3D comes having a price - is this Television worth it?

     Although the TC-P50GT30 contains a whole lot to become proud of, the first thing everyone wants to find out about would be the 3D, so lets take a examine that. Panasonic uses their Full-HD Frame Sequential know-how to create the 3D influence. Generally, what they are doing is indicate programming which is recorded in 1920 x 1080 pixels. Shown at 120 frames/second, frames are alternately flashed on-screen for the left and right eyes. To get the 3D effect, you wear a Panasonics 3D eyewear, in which the lenses have miniature shutters that open and close in either eye in unison with the images shown on the Television. The net effect is you seeing things in 3D.(More) By Matt Wiggins

Panasonic viera 3D plasma HDTV review

             More Items to Consider

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